Magic story about futa girls

Dotti was in shock. Futa dickgirl had never in her life believed that anyone would be remotely interested in her let alone ever want to have sex with her. It was also just as surprising that the person interested in her was the only person she even considered anything close to a friend. Brea, which was short for Breanne, was Dotti’s only true confidante and friend, and in truth Dotti had thought her secret was unknown to her friend. The secret Dotti kept wasn’t that she had a penis, which she did, but that it was an unusual penis. It had in very recent moments become very apparent that her best friend had been spying on her. Dotti was incensed at first, but she just couldn’t stay angry at Brea with all of the good feelings she was getting from her.

Brea( futanari bride) was slobbering all over anime dickgirl stiffening shaft, and making obnoxiously piggy slurping and sucking noises as she lavished attention on the hefty organ that pulsed and grew in her palm. Dotti seemed oblivious her hips rocking on their own as she tried mindlessly to hump Brea’s face. Brea had already pulled Dotti’s long hemmed skirt off and had her cornered in her room so she could access what she was most interested in. She had snookered Dotti into coming over after peeking in on her in the girl’s room stall and seeing the most wonderful dong in the world attached to the girl she had been working on getting out of her shell. Right then Brea knew she had to have it. She hadn’t liked boys all that much in this new school and Dotti was the only person that seemed as introverted as herself. But her discovery in the girl’s room yesterday was the final straw. She had seen Dotti playing with herself and watched it all, the magnificent tapered tip of her cock spurted out at least a half a liter of cum into the toilet! It was so long too, that Brea had realized that shaped as it was, it could get all the way in, way in the back of her sex-starved, teenaged womb. Her hormones were in overdrive and her new friend could cool her urges with just one good pounding with that marvelous girl-cock of hers.

Anime dickgirl groaned and her hips jerked, as a spurt of pre-cum hit Brea in the back of the throat causing her to almost gag. Quickly she pulled back and grinned up at Dotti who was still on cloud nine. Brea pulled Dotti’s fat slab of saliva-slickened girl-dick from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. Brea was already so excited she didn’t think Dotti would need a lot of extra lube on her thick meaty shaft in order to get up inside of her own practically unused sex. Brea had masturbated and even had a boyfriend but it never seemed fulfilling, almost like it just wasn’t enough. ‘But this,’ Brea thought as she held the now rigid cock in her hand, ‘this would definitely do the trick.’

Not even thinking twice Brea turned about and dropped to her knees tugging Dotti after her down to the floor, pulling her by her big fat girl-cock. Dotti was still in the blissful haze of blowjob heaven and went to the floor right behind Brea. Brea without hesitation positioned the narrow tip of Dotti’s dick right at her entrance, and without missing a beat Dotti’s still humping hips drove the head of it right into her warm, wet, and inviting snatch. Brea squealed with a start as Dotti drove her whole length right up into her tight little love tunnel, pumping and humping like crazy the whole time.

Dotti didn’t know where her futa dick was but it was sheer heaven and her instincts drove her forward and on ward. Without any conscious thought Dotti grabbed Brea’s hips and pulled her right against her as she kept right on humping away at a furious pace. Brea was squealing and loosing cries of pleasure that had an unrealized effect on Dotti’s tempo. Dotti apparently liked the sounds coming from her girlfriend who was now well impaled on the huge girl-cock that sprouted from where Dotti’s clit should have been. The solid smack of flesh reverberated in Brea’s small room along with her impassioned cries as Dotti jackhammered into her tight pussy. Even Brea heard the steady ‘Thok! Thok! Thok!’ coming from between her legs as Dotti’s big tool bottomed out in her little love pouch. Just as she imagined it though that narrow tip of Dotti’s cock found the entrance to her cervix and began sneaking into the space beyond…the sanctuary of her girlish womb. It was what Brea had been dreaming of and it was coming true as more and more of Dotti’s girth pushed in deeper and deeper, stretching out her cervical ring as Dotti really went crazy with her humping.

It was Brea’s turn to groan in sheer ecstasy and just hang on for the ride. This was just bliss for Brea as Dotti went wild, pumping like a wild animal, grunting and growling as she piston pumped in and out of her tight hole. Then the thing happened that made Brea’s toes curl, and she bit her lip hard from the sudden sensation before gasping loudly. Dotti, as Brea had already realized, had a knot at the base of her big thick girl-cock and it was being pushed into her already tightly pack pussy. The knot distended the soft puffy flesh of her vulva almost obscenely exposing the pink under-skin at the base of her sex as it stretched to its capacity to accommodate the nearly softball sized knot.

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